ACE Logistics provides warehousing services for cleared goods in its warehouses in Dariaus ir Girėno street, with a total surface of 1200 m².

 What does warehousing service include?
  • receiving of goods, checking the conformity between the amount and condition
  • entering data into the warehouse database, regarding received goods
  • placing of goods in the warehouse and storing
  • completion of consignments according to the order of the customer
  • marking of goods (stripe code stickers, instructions, etc.)
  • operations which add value to the goods (preparations for sale, packaging, testing, etc.)
  • assignment or delivery of goods to the destination of the end user
  • compilation of reports and reviews (warehouse inventory, amount of stored goods, movements in storage, etc.)

The list with the activities is not eventual, but depends on the need of the clients.

 What are the advantages for using storage services?
  • You are freed from all questions and problems regarding the storage of goods
  • Expenses regarding storage are directly connected with the amount of goods and executed work procedures – it is easy and simple to measure this, fixed costs change into variable costs
  • You can free the capital which is related to storage facilities – funds, human resources
  • You can concentrate only on your main activity
  • You can rely on the quality of storage work, the liability of the storage operator is determined in the contract between the parties
  • Total costs related to storage will decrease


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